Princess - Pyometra, a Uterine Infection

Meet Princess, a very sweet 5 year old Pit Bull mixed breed. Princess is a very lucky dog, as her owner noticed she wasn't feeling well, went on her computer, and realized that a condition called "pyometra" was possible and brought her in to see us.

A pyometra is a severe infection that occurs in the uterus of an unspayed female dog. This condition typically occurs 6-8 weeks after a heat cycle. This can be a life-threatening condition, and the only treatment is an immediate spay. Unfortunately, dogs don't always survive.

Save your beloved pets from this condition! If they are not breeding animals, they should be spayed at a young age. This will also prevent mammary tumors (aka breast cancer) later in life.

Princess is pictured here at her suture removal appointment and is happily home with her Mom.

Please spay your female dogs and neuter your male dogs!

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